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A Warm Welcome To Anyone That Enjoys Art !

Contemporary Art By Contemporary Artist Anna MeenaghanAs a contemporary artist I have always been involved in the arts for as far as I can think back.

I am a firm believer that art should be accessible to anyone and that it ought to be talked about.

In that context I am always happy to welcome fellow artlovers and contemporary artists.

With that in mind I have created this website to invite anyone to view, comment on, and purchase any art directly from the artists. No middleman, just directly from this site, at prices that are affordable to most people.

As a contemporary artist I also invite other artists to showcase and sell their art here.
So please visit the "Contemporary Guest Artist" section.

Please take your time and browse through the menu. You will discover that this site is very interactive. We are always adding new art and new talented contemporary artists are showcasing their latest work here with success.

Take a vote, let everyone know what you think by leaving a comment, watch the interviews, take a peek at the new artists, or simply browse through the various contemporary art for sale.

Important Announcement

There are no handling, shipping or agency charges from this contemporary artist.
All prices shown are inclusive of door to door delivery.
For more details please click on "Contemporary Art Gallery" section in the menu.
For detailed info on art please visit Wikipedia

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